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Plan B Success

Greetings and Welcome to Plan B Success!

Rajeev Mudumba here. 

I’m the founder & host of Plan B Success, a podcast that provides you with thought-provoking and intriguing business and personal growth content and where I also interview inspiring change-makers who succeeded with a Plan B, to help YOU on your Entrepreneurial journey! Learn from these inspiring stories and actionable success habits of the brightest business minds, world-class athletes, and influencers.

If you are tired of where you are in life, career or business, have tried and failed, do not enjoy what you do now and want to spend time doing what you most love and also get paid, then, you are in the best place here. My goal with Plan B Success is to provide you inspiration, knowledge, and strategies to help you reach your goals, be it with your career, business or life. Learn what you Need to Take Control of Your Life, and Fulfill Your Vision of Success!

My journey has also been filled with troughs and peaks and my goal is to help you and others like you get what you want the most from life.

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Be the change-maker in your life and of your loved ones and go, Blaze your Trail!

Jan 17, 2021

Paul Huber is a computer engineer who spent over twenty years at a leading aerospace and defense company developing safety-critical, embedded computer systems. For him, the challengers have been less technical and more about battling the twin opposing forces of complacency and perfectionism.

In this episode, Paul and...

Jan 14, 2021

In order to be successful, do you need to go after something very complex? Or, do you take something complex and make it simpler?

What do you think?

Simplicity is the key to success. We think and act simple, and just being our natural selves in how we perceive challenges and solve them, ensures success.

Listen in to...

Jan 12, 2021

Information is a weapon in your hands in today's day and time.
If you have what you need, you can leverage and wield it to your benefit. But, with the floodgates of information thrown open and no quality check in place, you can be inundated by an avalanche of information, most of it what you may not need.

How do you...

Jan 11, 2021

Jeroen Corthout from Belgium is the co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, an intelligent CRM built for SMBs. After dabbling in several different things, Jeroen came upon Salesflare from a need to have an easier way to follow up on leads. It's now the most popular CRM on Product Hunt and top-rated on review platforms like G2...

Jan 7, 2021

It's believed that the ego is a concept of self, identifying you as an individual. Then, are you and your ego the same?

Why is there a negative connotation associated with your ego? Can your ego not be your friend and work with you to help achieve your goals?

Why should it be controlled or let go if it helps identify...